Donate Electric Water Coolers In Extremely Hot Temperatures

Mostly the people in Pakistan donate water coolers the meaning of Ehsal-e-Sawab’s purpose for the ones who had passed away. For this kind of purpose, we are just offering our best services to give ease to our prestigious customers to get the cooler installed in your given place. Just call us and we will write and deliver our fast and reliable services to you.

In extremely hot temperature weather, it’s the best time and way to install the Electric Water Coolers on Main roads, Masjids, Madrasas, Public Areas, Schools, Hospitals, Dispensaries, and Other Buildings to provide chill and cool water.


girl is drinking water from electric water cooler

Donate Room Air Coolers In Extremely Hot Temperatures

In the extremely hot summers, most the peoples donate room air coolers [Plastic body] and outdoor air coolers like [Lahori air coollers] in Masjids, Madrassass, or in schools e.t.c to eliminate the hot air conditions of high-temperature weather.

Donate Electric and Gas Geysers {Water Heaters}
You can donate the Electric And Gas or Instant Geyser {OR ANY KIND OF GEYSERS} to those people who don’t afford to buy geysers in extremely hard Cold Weather. It’s also the best opportunity of ehsal-e-sawab for gone people within your family by donating these kinds of stuff.

Donate Electric Water Chiller
Another best opportunity of ehsal-e-sawab is to provide an Electric Water Chiller in extremely hot weather conditions. you can donate the electric water chillers in these crowded areas where the water coolers are not enough for people to drink the cool and chill water. Donate to The Electric Water Chiller to give relief an ease to people who do not afford it and get their Prayers for those one’s who passed away.

We Deliver All Over Pakistan.
Atock, Bahawallpur, Burrewala, Chakkwal, Chinniot, Faislabad, Gujjar Khan, Gujjranwala, Gujjrat, Jhaang, Jheelum, Kalar Syeedan, Kassur, Kharrian, Lahoore, Mianwalli, Mulltan, Muree, Rahimm Yarr Khan, Rawallpindi, Sadqabad, Sahhiwal, Sarrgodha, Sheikhuupura, Siallkot, Taxilla, Tobba Teek Singh,
Baddin, Hydderabad, Jaccobabad, Karrachi, Khairrpur, Larrkana, Mirrpur Khass, Nawwabshah, Sukkurr, Thata,
Abottabad, Banu, Batagram, Chitrral, Charsada, D.I.Khaan, Harripur, Kohhat, Maansehra, Marrdan, Nowshhera, Peshawwar, Swaat, Swaabi, Timergarra, Teench,
Chamman, Gwaadar, Khuzzdar, Queta, Ziaarat
Azaad Kashmir,
Baghh, Bhimmber, Kottli, Mirrpur, Muzaffrabad, Rawwalakot
Gillgit Skaardu,

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